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Elevate CI: An online membership for world language teachers

On September 4 we launched a membership service for world language teachers that specifically supports the implementation of Comprehensible Input in a culturally responsive way. This membership provides curated resources, crystallized learning modules, live interactive Q & A with us once a month, and concrete actions you can take in your classroom. You deepen your understanding of CI as we guide you through how to provide CI, witness growth, and trust the process. On your path to success you will also learn to identify and mitigate bias and stereotype pitfalls, and be given the tools to create a more culturally responsive approach. Then we stay with you to help you deepen your culturally responsive CI practice. 

Elevate CI is about education, and the understanding that once you’ve learned something it helps to have support and community to put that knowledge into practice. No matter where you are on your path to becoming a culturally responsive Comprehensible Input teacher, every time you go through the material, you learn it through a different lens and see things you didn’t see before. Becoming a confident and successful CI teacher takes a while. Our goal is to support you in that success by lowering your stress, giving you your time back, and providing curated information, easily implemented actions, and classroom resources.

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