French classes for all ages & brains with Anna Gilcher, PhD


+ special 6-week session begins april 23 (Beginning French & French for French teachers)

We offer French classes and lessons/tutoring for all levels, ages, and brains. Learn French by allowing the unconscious process of language acquisition to occur while you enjoy yourself. Unless otherwise indicated, these classes have NO homework and NO grammar exercises! Anna has experience with students of all ages, from toddlers to retirees.

Your brain can learn French!

General Schedule of Sessions 2018-2019:

Fall: Week of Sept 10 - Week of December 17 (14 weeks)

Winter: Week of January 7 - Week of March 25 (12 weeks)

Spring: Week of April 1 - Week of June 10 (10 weeks)

—> No classes during Spring Break 4/15-4/22

Note: See calendar & registration form above for exact dates of specific classes


Online: Classes offered through Zoom

In-person classes:

All classes meet at this address unless otherwise arranged.

9223 Wendell St.

Silver Spring, MD 20901


$35 per class (when registered for a session)

$40 per drop-in class

You can pay for the full session or in monthly installments, for example:

  • $35 x 14 weeks = $490 or 4 payments of $122.50

  • $35 x 10 weeks = $350 or 3 payments of $117

Late registrations accepted, space permitting (cost is prorated).

20-50% family member discount for second student (your thoughtful discernment).

10% off second class if taking more than one per week.


Don't see a level of French currently offered that is appropriate for you? Contact us about starting a new class.  


Beginner (novice low - novice mid)

This class is designed for students with little to no previous French experience.


Advanced Beginner (novice mid - novice high)

This class is designed for students continuing from the beginner class, and for those who have had some French experience in the past.


Intermediate (novice high - intermediate mid)

This class is designed for students with a beginner level foundation of French who are ready to take the next step in their French language acquisition.


Advanced Intermediate (intermediate mid - advanced low)

This class is designed for students coming from the intermediate class, and for those who already have a foundation in French and want to advance their skills, or refresh previous skills.


Advanced - Speak & Write with Savoir Faire: Refining Your French

Refine and polish your written & spoken French in this special class for students who have a good command of the language and who want to get down to the nitty gritty of precision. Students are given short text (on the Friday before class) that they can decide to read in advance or not. We then read the text in class and use it as a basis for discussion & as the link to the verb tense/grammatical structure of the week (which again, students can decide to think about in advance, or not). The verb tense/grammatical structure is used as a basis for a writing or speaking prompt with which we end the class each week. This is a closed class and does not accept make-ups from other classes.

French for French Teachers (and other advanced speakers of French)

In this online class, you will have a chance to use your French in a richer way, connect with other teachers, and experience what it’s like to be receiving Comprehensible Input at an intermediate/advanced level. The six-week session is organized around the AP themes. Each 1-hour class starts out with conversation, as we get to know each other better; we then discuss the material provided in advance as a group or in breakout groups (depending on the size of the class). Each week’s material connects to one of the six AP themes. Through this course you gain access to new materials and ways of teaching that you can also use or adapt in your own classroom. It’s a great way to boost your own proficiency and gain confidence in what you already have but don’t get to use often.

Advanced (advanced low and up)

This class is designed for students that have a high level of confidence in their French language skills. This class allows for more challenging materials and more complex communication.


One-on-one lessons designed for you

Did you love learning languages in the past – or were you someone who felt it was just impossible? No matter your background, we will work together to create a plan that works for you and that is based on your interests.  Contact us to set up your individualized learning plan.

Anna est un professeur de français magnifique. Je ne savais pas toute français quand je commençais en octobre. J’ai tellement appris en quatre mois il est incroyable. Maintenant je peux écrite entière phrases et je comprend encore plus. C’est géniale!
— Written by an adult student after just four months of once-a-week lessons. Is it perfect? No, but it is totally comprehensible... and it was written with no help. WOW!