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Acquiring Language Through CI:

Comprehensible Input answers the question of how the brain acquires language. Through our commitment to CI, we have come to see first-hand that any brain can learn a language. It is a myth that some brains—be they old, young or in between—cannot learn a language. The truth of the matter is that our brains are wired for learning language. Forty years of second language acquisition research tells us that what the brain needs is comprehensible, compelling, and communicative input and it will acquire the language—any language. Our classes, both in person and online provide all of those things because we get so excited about witnessing growth in our students.

Because we get so excited about witnessing growth in our students, our classes, both in person and online, provide all of those things: comprehensible, compelling, and communicative input. Most classes are one hour. Students are in an immersive environment where they are in the target language, 95% - 99% of their time. English is used in the class only to establish meaning and/or for safety/instructions. Unlike other immersion settings however, students are able to comprehend everything they are hearing! 

Classes are highly focused on building interpersonal communication skills, reading comprehension, and unlocking creative and critical thinking. We focus our content on the interests and passions of both students and teachers, as well as current happenings in the world. Students interact with the language through music, reading, short films, and other media to support their acquisition. Unlike many other language classes, there is a focus on using whole language rather than explicit and discrete study of grammar and lists of vocabulary.